Participation in the International Biennale – IX Theatre Meeting – Therapy and Theatre 06 - 09.06.2010

This was a very successful performance of ours. We staged our spectacle entitled The Trial 3, based on the motives of Franz Kafka’s novel, within the frameworks of the Festival, on the Great Scene in the New Theatre in Łódź. Organisers gave us a lot of time for preparation. Thanks to the help of our volunteers – Ms Joanna Ganczarek and Ms ewelina Gebert – the lights and sound were set just perfect. Actors could focus and calm down. They concentrated on their roles with no rush, or nerves. Audience watched Joseph K.’s story with great interest. When the lights went off, they were surprised that they already had to say goodbye to the characters. This peculiar want for more was perhaps the best possible complement for us.

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